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MARKUP責任編集の有馬徹が代表を務めるビジュアライゼーションとデザインオフィス doorknob.designのオフィシャルサイトです

This is the official site of the visualization and design office headed by Toru Arima, the editor in charge of MARKUP.

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NerdOverclouded Design Associates & Office GP | official

doorknob.designの姉妹会社、一級建築士事務所「ナード、オーバークラウデッド」のサイトです This is the website of's sister company, the first-class architectural firm "Nard, Overcrowded"Button Text

Misuzu Shibuya Photography


Collaboration zine by Atsuko Ito, co-president of, and photographer Misuzu Shibuya

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